Summer term

It has been such a busy term! We have been up to lots of exciting things and there are only 3 full weeks left at school!

Your challenge today is to write a comment about what your favourite thing this term has been. Don’t forget to explain why you’ve loved it.

My favourite part of this term has been athletics in PE! I have loved seeing you all progress in the various different activities such as running, jumping and throwing.
Of course, it has also meant we can train for sports day and you know I have a competitive side so it has appealed to this for me! 🙂

I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

The Nightmare-part one

“Bed time Lucy.”shouted Lucy’s mum

“ok mum.” replied lucy

As Lucy creeped to bed she saw a weird shaped tree that shaped the word NIGHTMARE Lucy’s teeth chatterd but she just hopped to bed.As the evening drew Lucy cept on thinking of the tree and started to shiver.She could not handle it so she sprinted downstairs and went to her mum.Lucy’s mum put her back in bed and walked back downstairs and Lucy’s nightmare had begun!!!

Thats it for now I will be back for part two soon!!!




The normal street series 1

Olivia was walking down the street with her shopping .I wonder what a crazy street would be like?Than very though gave her the creeps .”hello my dear” “who what when why how ” .Suddenly a GIANT SlINKEY Dog came Down the street. “Ok”maybe it will be a bit more normal tomorrow .


As you all know that y3/4 are doing athletics in PE. I would like to tell you the things that we have been doing in the weeks of athletics. In the first week of athletics we did sprinting starts and I really enjoyed it. In the seconded week we timed are sprinting my time was 12.03 seconds. In the third week we did distance running with Miss Jones we did two laps I can 1st place and my time was 1 minute and 23 seconds. In the fourth week we did discus my discus went 8.60m. In the fifth week we did all the types of athletics like howlers, long jumps and running. Lucky these people have got into the 500 games from my class Me, Tino, Rehan, Jason and Scarlett is a 1st reserve.

But well done to people who took part!

My favourite sports

My first favourite sport is swimming. I like going swimming at waves I love to go down the water slide and when the waves come on

Running is my second favourite I like having races with my sister because I always win.

Then my favourite sport is football and tennis but tennis the most I like to play with my family.

After it’s basketball.

Best Movie Ever

It’s me again and I’m here to tell you about the best movie ever it is called the amazing SpiderMan 2,there are three villains in it rhino,electro, and green goblin and there is Peter Parker aka Spiderman who is in love with Gwen Stacy.